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Become an Editor

ukGavdog54 93 Overall 24 Posts

We're currently working on a feature to allow people to help us create new boxer cards. To apply to become an editor (once this feature is available) please create a new account and reply to this thread with the username of your main account so we know who you are.

1 year ago
ukMrowenhd 94 Overall 2 Posts

that wouldbe awsome im done to be a editor


1 year ago
ukGavdog54 93 Overall 24 Posts

You will need to create a new account, let me know the username and I will make the new account an editor.

1 year ago
ukDalesfd 96 Overall 11 Posts

I'm down for this also I'll get a new account name to you when I've got 5 min 

1 year ago
ukDdjkr 82 Overall 2 Posts

Hi Gav are you still looking for editors or are posts full? My account name is as it appears.

12 months ago
ukGavdog54 93 Overall 24 Posts

Hi dude, no worries I can do that you just need to make a new account for it cos it will exclude your account from highscores and possibly from trading

11 months ago
usKengaroo 79 Overall 1 Post

Hey man, this is TerryDactile. Made this account for editor. Hope you've been well bro.

9 months ago