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Planned feature improvements and ideas (updated)

ukGavdog54 93 Overall 25 Posts

Here's a list of all planned features, improvements and ideas we are working on and looking to improve, it includes some of the current known issues. These are listed in order of priority and will be added to, updated and possibly changed over time. We would love your feedback on the list and of course please check the list before posting suggestions etc.

Skip Fights (Added)

We believe this is an essential feature and we have developed a system for skipping fights which will be released soon as a high priority. This is simply when you open a pack you will be given skip tokens which you can use to skip fights.

Training/Injury Cards (Added)

Another essential feature - the way we plan to add this is with trainer cards with real life trainers that you can assign to cards to give them a permanent boost in stats. Training cards which give you a specific amount of XP to assign to a card. Injury cards which allow you to recover from injury. Boxer fitness and fitness cards is also a possibility.

Rankings (Testing)

Our rankings features need a fair amout of work, but we plan to add rankings for each country and each factor fights, wins, ratio etc. and eventually for bronze, silver gold tiers and PvP.

Adding & Updating Cards (Ongoing)

We plan to add new weight divisions and cards soon and more over time, this is something all our admins are always going to be looking at and working on. After fights in real life are concluded cards will be updated accordingly. Eventually we will add weight cards to allow you to change cards weight divisions.

Per Event Duplicate Fights

Currently you can still have more than 1 of the same boxer card fight in the same event if the opponent selects the boxer, you can then still select your card. This is due to the fact we still only have around 50 live boxer cards and we will have to resort to randomly generating names in order to do this. This will be resolved once the pool of boxer cards available increases.

Event Entry / Defend Titles (Added)

Changing the way titles are used to gain entry to an event from how it is now with credits + 1 title of lower tier to cost EITHER 3 titles of the same tier OR credits. We are looking to do more with titles, at the moment there isn't much use for them, but we are considering adding a feature where you can choose to defend a title, possibly to gain a title for use with the next event.

Special Events / Countries (Added, Testing, Ongoing)

We plan to do more with countries as we increase our pool of boxer cards and add new events where you need cards of a specific country to enter or perhaps change the existing events so that each event has a country that randomly changes and boxers entered from that country get a bonus or home fighter advantage.

Player vs Player Events (Testing)

PvP in some form is a must and we are working on it, but before we can go much further we need more development of the fight sequence currently and to make sure we have that right first as well as to grow the player base for matchmaking. Staking or "pink slips" with cards is a strong possibility for PvP, along with a knockout tournament type of event, for example 8 entrants all pay an entry fee then 70% is paid out to the winner, 20% to second place 10% to third or perhaps a pack reward of some kind.

Commentary & Fight Results / Rewards (Ongoing)

This is something we are always working on to improve and fine tune. Unfortunately graphically we do not have nearly the budget to do much more with such as adding 2D or event 3D graphics to the fight sequence.

Market Improvements & Auctions (Delayed)

We are aware that the market needs work. Some of the issues with the market such as the time expiry on selling items is purposefully disabled as there aren't enough cards being sold currently. We also plan to add an auction type of sale option in time however this will take some time and is currently a low priority.

Boxer Pictures On Cards (Low Priority)

Having pictures or vector art of the boxers on the cards is definately something we want to do even if it's just for the special cards (champion, legend, prospect) to begin with. This will take low priority for now as we're not sure if this could cause legal trademark or copyright issues, as explained on the about page we may have to change boxer names, combined with images would only make this worse and would be a lot of time wasted in doing this only to be told we are unable to do it, so we will wait and see what is possible, perhaps we could replace the names with vector art to avoid this for some of the big names.

Other (Ongoing)

We want to make improvements on many areas of the website including the account / profile page, reset password and emailing, some settings for recieving email notifications and much more including the forums which we know needs work.

2 years ago
ukGavdog54 93 Overall 25 Posts

The Gym

The gym has a number of slots, send any card to the gym until the slot limit is reached. Start with 1 slot, then 3 slots will be added for each silver (1 slot), gold (2 slots) and legend (3 slots) average overall reached plus a one time cost of credits, membership will provide 3 more slots.

Send duplicate cards to the gym which then become trainers, trainers will improve the effectiveness of the gym. The older the boxer the more effective they will be as a trainer, legend cards are the most effective trainers. Trainers will randomly leave the gym to retire permanently and consumable cards in the gym are gradually depleted after each fight.

Adding fitness cards to the gym provide fitness regeneration after each fight, injury cards prevent injuries from happening and XP cards give you bonus XP from each fight won. Quality matching will also be a factor in the effectiveness of the gym bonuses.

2 years ago
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ukJordanbullus 78 Overall 1 Post

Hi Gav,

Do you have a personal contact Email address/ FB or anything to contact you on?


1 year ago
ukGavdog54 93 Overall 25 Posts

Hi Jordan, email is highercoding@gmail.com or you can find me from the FB page I think.

1 year ago