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PvP - Player vs. Player events ideas

ukGavdog54 93 Overall 25 Posts

We have a few different ideas for PvP. The first of which we are building now and will be similar to how events work currently with defending titles and a blind pick. Each fight is a wager for the base amount of credits per fight, for example in the bronze event each fight would be a wager of 100 credits, the winner of the fight receives double (200 credits) and the loser receives none however both receive the base amount of credits on top of this based on performance and chances as per current fights vs random generated opponents. The same goes for xp and titles as you would expect. You will be able to see your opponents available cards. There will be a ranking system similar to the existing one, but with a seperate record and ranking for PvP fights which will then become the main ranking factor.

Another idea we have is for PvP tournaments, where you pay an amount of credits to start the tournament and the winner takes 70% and 20% is given to runner up and 10% to third place. There also the idea of PvP coins which can be used to buy packs or adding the ability to purchase packs with titles.

There is a huge amount of work required still, but I will soon need people with admin or editor accounts to help me test it all. Ideas and feedback are always welcome so please let us know what you think of our ideas, what you would like to see in PvP or if you have any ideas for us regarding PvP.Thanks

2 years ago
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2 years ago
ukBadrobot 76 Overall 1 Post

You should take the skip off of PvP seem to mess things up for me yesterday. I played 5 fights yet it was 3-1 win to Reformed but played onetonne at first and it was fine, the 5 fights 3-2 win!.. I'm assuming that it was down to skipping anyway otherwise it makes no sense as to why this would happen!?.

1 year ago