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Fighter of the month

ptStormenic 86 Overall 3 Posts

How about the best performance of the month (considering if its an important fight or not) get a special card?

for example, 16th September we have Golovkin vs Canelo, their division is in the game and lets imagine Golovkin wins. Golovkin would get a special card, higher rated than the normal Golovkin card and with another color, maybe orange, i dont know

October we have Joshua vs Pulev, I think its the biggest fight we have that month. The winner gets the special card, and so on

3 years ago
ukGavdog54 93 Overall 26 Posts

We like this idea, this is essentially what we want to do with the blue champion cards currently in the game.

So as in your example we have 2 world title holding boxers in GGG and Canelo, so currently each of these fighters also have champion cards in the game at this time. The plan is for the winner of GGG vs Alvarez to retain their champion card and the losers champion card to be removed. We adjust the overall of remaining cards based on their performance in the fight. The same with Joshua and Parker should they fight for unification of their titles next year, as these are the current heavyweight champion cards.

In the case of Joshua vs Pulev, if Pulev wins we will give him a champion card, remove the Joshua champion card and also update the overalls of their regular cards based on performance etc.

3 years ago
ptStormenic 86 Overall 3 Posts

Oh ok, so its a really similar idea. I like it.


3 years ago