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My 2cents

ukReformed 1 94 Overall 1 Post

Loving it. Few things I'd like to see for my benefit and enjoyment. On challenging mode cannot skip a title defence 2nd from last fight but can skip a title fight so may be a glitch? I'd like to see how many prospect champion and legendary titles I have gained, just so I know how many more until I can claim a pack, as of now is invisible. This isn't important but on search market would love to see a search for different types of cards silver champion gold etc Love yall

1 year ago
ukGavdog54 93 Overall 25 Posts

Sorted the market search option and the current titles display. I've looked at why you might not be able to skip the 2nd to last title fight and can see no reason why this would be the case, does it not show the option to skip or does it make you wait for the last title fight? Maybe an app issue as nobody else has reported this but I will test it myself. Cheers mate

1 year ago
ukDdjkr 82 Overall 2 Posts

Hi Gav, I have the same problem with not being able to skip the rounds of the 1st title fight on challenging, the 2nd one as Reformed said I can skip the rounds.


1 year ago