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That is how i see the Strongest Active Boxers Cards

esRamzes2 86 Overall 10 Posts

S..Alvarez85 +7(92)*keep

G.Golovkin 85 +7(92)*-1

T.Crawford 85 +7(92)*keep

V.Lomachenko 84 +7(91)*-4

W.Wangek 83 +7(90)--new

A.Joshua 83 +7(90)*-1

M.Berchelt 82 +7(89)--new

K.Thurman 84 +7(91)*-1

Other boxers like D.Wilder(83), A.Povietkin(82),J.Parker(82),J.DeGale schould be between 80-81 +/-1

2 years ago
esRamzes2 86 Overall 10 Posts

I count their Skills like Power Speed technique and rest. Compearing them to the Legends status in OUR game ­čĺ¬ .  How looks D.Wilder power (95) compearing to R.Duran, M.Tyson (96) or Big George Foreman (98)?! If M.Tyson power is 96 maximum stat is 99.  D.Wilder 90 power(-5) would be max. Watch and compare Few fights of Tyson and Wilder and tell me that there is so little ­čĺ¬difference ? G.Forenan have Too much Speed 78 ? 67-68 young 65 old G.Foreman . 78 speed schould have V.Klitcshko,79  Lennox Lewis 84 E.Holyfield (the real deal have all stats on perfect level). Now Champion card of Tyson Fury have 87 speed and A.J. also 87?!

Fury is much faster puncher than Joshua. A.J. style is Powerhouse Speed max 85 i would even give 83 speed A.J. and Agility stary.


2 years ago
ukGavdog54 93 Overall 25 Posts

Why do you think Lomachenko should be 84? We think he is easily one of the best P4P, especially after the Rigondeaux fight. I can understand maybe reduce by 1 or 2 same as with GGG, but if we nerf GGG we also have to nerf Alvarez since their last fight was a draw but if anything we think he deserved the win. The others I am inclinded to agree about, but I'll let the other admins take a look and people can have their say before I change any of the stats.

2 years ago